Friday, February 25, 2011


My cousin Dennis and his wife Becky came to town for a visit, and of course, I put them to work on a billboard campaign. Dennis modeled and Becky did his makeup. Pretty dang fun working with them.

New York Times Magazine

Last  month I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Eugene Jarecki the director of an HBO documentary "Reagan" for The New York Times Magazine. 

I got a call from the NYT photo editor who told me they needed to pull a shoot together the next day (nothing like a last minute shoot).

He was able to book us a conference room at a swank hotel up in Deer Valley where we could shoot. We had 45 minutes to set up a 9 foot back drop and 7 lights, and 10 minutes to photograph Eugene. Just as we dialed in the last light, Eugene and his crew walked in.

We all had so much fun shooting and creating new poses. Eugene and his publicists had nothing but nice things to say about how things went and how great the photos turned out. 

Funny note; while we were shooting, Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) came in and chatted us up. 

Thanks to my assistant Nathan Biddle for helping this go so smooth.