Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The "MORTICIAN" Project

I've always been fascinated by morticians. What makes a person choose this as their career path? My opinion is that being a mortician is a calling and only a special kind of person can do it. I hope to better understand what makes a mortician through photographing them.

I launched the MORTICIAN project with portraits of a friend I've known for quite a while -- Chad Anderson. Chad has worked at Goff Mortuary in Midvale, UT for the past 8 years and, as of January 2011, became the owner.  I was very glad he agreed to let me take his portraits. My hope is that, through these pictures, you can see in his eyes what kind of a man he is, how much compassion he has, and how seriously he takes his job. Watch for more photos in this series to come...

1 comment:

  1. Great Photos! Are you looking for more subjects? We have a good friend up here who is a funeral director. He would probably agree to be photographed. I'd be happy to talk to him. You could get some farmers if you came up too - got lots of contacts in that area now too.